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Signature Loans

To determine whether to grant a signature loan, Alamo Loan Company will typically looks for positive revolving credit history, income and the ability to repay the loan. 


A regular credit or revolving credit loan application normally triggers a funding delay while the banking institution or loan company examines the borrower's credit history and checks personal qualifications. By contrast, the funds obtained through signature loans are awarded immediately, which allows the financial need to be met quickly with less hassle and stress.

Signature loans are one type of an unsecured loan and can genrate funds up to $1400.  Unsecured refers to the fact these loans are not secured by any form of physical collateral, unlike home mortgages and car loans. Term means the loan is amortized over a predetermined time period and paid off in equal monthly installments up to 12 months which we report to the credit reporting agency.

What You Need

Source of Income Minimum 6 Months

  1. Employment

  2. Unemployment Benefits

  3. Social Security / Disability

  4. Other Sources - May be considered based on type and amount

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